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Book Review: Kid Cooperation by Elizabeth Pantley

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Book Review: Kid Cooperation by Elizabeth Pantley
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The Bottom Line

Elizabeth Pantley, who teaches parenting classes and gives lectures at schools, churches and other family oriented organizations, has put together a clear, easy-to-read book on how to get your children to listen in Kid Cooperation: How To Stop Yelling, Nagging & Pleading and Get Kids To Cooperate.
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  • Offers tips to handle myriad situations and shows how they may work (or fail).
  • Outlines anger management tools parents can use to handle the day-to-day parenting frustrations.
  • Notes that Moms should care of themselves, including eating healthy and stress management.


  • Wanted to read advice on how moms and dads can compromise if they have different parenting styles.


  • Begins the book with a quiz that helps readers identify their own personal parenting style.
  • Incorporates real-life examples of how the author has successfully – or unsuccessfully - disciplined her children.
  • Ends the book with a question and answer section that touches on common situations parents face.

Guide Review - Book Review: Kid Cooperation by Elizabeth Pantley

This is a book I really enjoyed reading - both for the author's commonsense approach to parenting and for her willingness to admit parenting tactics that have failed. Many of the methods Elizabeth Pantley outlines in the book are ones that I learned the hard way - through trial and error with my 4 children. I would highly recommend this book to parents.

One of my favorite sections covers delivering clear instructions to children, which I've learned is a hard-to-master skill. She also covers the different ways you can deliver those instructions (humor, making it brief, etc). I laughed out loud upon reading that she once tried to use humor to lighten a disagreement between her daughters by joking to one: "Well, then, punch her in the nose!" (To the author's horror, her daughter missed the joke and did punch her sister!) I thought those types of parenting situations only happened to me!

I especially appreciated the author's acknowledgement that many disciplining answers exist to handling children. Children have differing temperaments and different family lives and a discipline method that works with one child may not work with another. As the author notes: "You can find an expert to validate almost any child-rearing method."

This book walks through all sorts of parenting skills as well as situations when they may or may not work. In the anger management section, she even includes a chart that outlines the many different methods parents can choose from to handle a specific situation (five children who won't go to bed during a sleepover). I read the chart twice and appreciated seeing in writing the decision-making process that often goes through my head.

My only criticism - and it is minor one as this book covers plenty of material - is that I would have enjoyed reading the author's perspective on how moms and dads with different parenting styles could learn to agree upon and develop a consistent strategy when it comes to disciplining the children.

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