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Fun Exercises for Kids

Try these great exercises with your kids.


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We hear the statistics about the obesity rates of children everywhere we turn. But with the plethora of television, video games, and mobile devices complete with time sucking apps, it can be incredibly difficult to get kids off the couch and moving.

The trick is to get them doing something they want to do. Keeping exercise fun and versatile will have your kids working out because they want to, not because you're making them. Here are a few exercises that will get your kid moving.

Catching A Bubble This little variation on the old jumping jack is a lot of fun for kids. Grab some bubbles and have the kids line up. Show the kids how to "catch" a bubble by doing a jumping jack with an exaggerated handclap. When they're ready, take the bubbles and blow them over their heads. They will have to do a jumping jack in order to catch the bubbles. Each child can take turns being the blower.

Rowboat This is a partner exercising. Have the kids sit down across from each other with their legs spread and feet touching. Have them lean forward and clasp hands. Have one child pull gently while the other pushes. Then reverse who pushes and who pulls. Keep it fun by singing "Row Row Row Your Boat".

Animal Parade Kids love playing pretend, this is a great way to slip a little exercise into their play. Call out different animals and have your children act out each animal. Crab walking, cat crawling, and bird flying are just a few ways to get them active.

Tag Lift the ban on running in the house and let the kids run wild for a little while. A game of tag can be the best exercise for you and your kids.

Freeze Dance Any dancing can be great exercise, but there's something about Freeze Dance that takes it to the next level. Play your kids' favorite song, after a few moments of furious dancing, hit pause and yell "freeze!". Hold for a few moments then hit play again.

Yoga This is one of the best exercises kids at any age can do. There are poses that are perfect for toddlers and intense asanas that can get older kids fit in no time.

Video Games We've (finally) reached a bit of a revolution in gaming and fitness as the two seemingly mortal enemies have come together to produce a fun alternative to the gym or the same old workout videos. Each game system now comes with an increasingly long list of fitness inspired games. Nickelodeon Fit is great game for toddlers and Zumba Dance will get your teen exercising without even knowing it.

There is nothing better than getting healthy while having fun, but don't let the kids have all the fun. If you really want to get your kids on the exercise train then hop on board yourself. Everyone can do these exercises together.

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