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7 Kid-Friendly Recipes for Snow Days

Make snow days special with these treats


Keep the children warm, well fed and busy on snow days with these recipes. Some are perfect for little helpers while others may be best left to older children or adults.

Snow Ice Cream

Put all that snow outdoors to good use by having the kids make their own snow ice cream. Since these versions of snow ice cream won’t keep, be sure to eat it (or discard it) immediately.

Chocolate Fondue

Apples, bananas, pineapple, strawberries and other fruits (as well as marshmallows) are fabulous on a snowy day when dipped in warm, melted chocolate, cooked to perfection in a fondue pot. If you don’t happen to have one of these contraptions available, use a slow cooker. Note: Watch those little fingers around the hot, melted chocolate.


Making pizza is an activity that will keep the kids busy for a long while on a day that’s likely to be spent cooped up in the house. Make the dough for scratch or dust off your bread machine to simplify the task. When the time comes to add the toppings, let the kids pick their own to create a pizza that bears their special signature.

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is the go-to treat for a cold, snowy day, particularly after time spent outside building snowmen, throwing snowballs or sledding. Top off this kid (and adult) favorite with marshmallows, a candy cane, whip cream or whatever topping your child chooses (and you happen to have in the house).

Rock Candy

Keep the kids busy at home on a snow day making hard candy.  Almost everyone has this easy ingredients on hand – sugar, water, string, a glass and food coloring – so there shouldn’t be any need for a last-minute dash to the grocery store, especially if warnings to stay off the snowy, icy roads have been issued.

Corn Muffins

Warm and toasty muffins make for the perfect treat on a cold day, especially as freezing kids run inside and demand immediate, warm food to fill their bellies. This recipe allows you to make these muffins as mild or as spicy as you choose.

Hot Dog Chili

Since you’ve already got corn muffins planned, complement it perfectly with the addition of kid-friendly hot dog chili to the snowy day menu. Simple to prepare, this versatile recipe can also be cooked up in the slow cooker or on the stove, whichever method suits you with the kids playing in the house or romping around outside in the cold snow.

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