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Top 5 Science Toys for Girls

Toys that teach science with a touch of girl power.


The statistics are dismal, and the gender gap seems to be ever widening. Teaching a love for science to girls can be tough in our society. It's easy to walk into the toy store and head right for the aisle that sports pink boxes full of dolls and dress up clothes. And there's not a thing wrong with that, my girl loves a pretty pink dress with a fervor. So how can we teach these girliest of girls that science is for them too? Fortunately, we can help our girls overcome that gap by encouraging a love for discovery and learning. Starting with these "girly" science toys.

1. Telescope

There is nothing quite as beautiful as the stars. This can be a wonderful family activity or a solitary one. Slumber parties can also feature stargazing as an activity, and they even sell many telescopes in pink. Buyer beware though. A great telescope is going to cost, but if your girl is very young there are a few pink telescopes that may be poor in quality, cheap in price, but might be worth getting to use as a toy for pretend play. Beware of choking hazards if you decide to go this route.
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2. Microscope

These are great for learning what life is like up close and personal. What do the petals of her favorite flower look like if they’re magnified 500x? And yes, you can find these in pink now too.
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3. Chemistry Kit

They have some absolutely great ones specifically made for girls. Instead of foaming monster experiments, girls can make perfumes, make-up, and soaps.
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4. Butterfly Garden

These are inexpensive and a great way to teach girls about biology. This is a kit that comes with a net, caterpillars, and food. You can watch as the caterpillars eat, grow, cocoon, and emerge as butterflies. And what girl doesn’t like beautiful butterflies?
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5. Rock Polisher

I know, sounds like a boy toy right? Now they make great polishers that also teach girls how to make jewelry out of the rocks they polish. Geology and fashion, what could be better?
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